The Healing Power of Mongongo

Mongongo oil, with its light, silky texture, is a highly emollient oil, readily absorbed to moisturise and rejuvenate skin and hair. The high linoleic acid content contributes to cellular membrane growth and the 13,500 mg per 100 ml of beta-sitosterol delivers a potent dose of the anti-ageing phytosterol.

As it’s absorbed, alpha-eleostearic acid in the oil polymerises in UV light to form a fine layer of natural protection against the sun and dryness while the oil works quickly at the cellular level to rehydrate, restructure, and regenerate.

The natural anti-inflammatory properties and incredibly high vitamin E content make the oil a naturally soothing treatment for acne, eczema, scars, rashes, stretch marks and sunspots. Applied to the hair, the oil adds a vibrant sheen as it protects while nourishing the scalp to prevent dandruff.

And if you just want to relax and be pampered, mongongo oil makes a wonderfully soothing massage oil, too.

Mongongo Oil - UV Activated Protection, Polymerizes to form a protective film, reduces inflammation and redness, Long term stability in formulation

Ancient Super Food

Harvesting Wild Mongongo Nuts

Archeological evidence suggests that even our prehistoric ancestors Australopithecus and Homo erectus enjoyed eating the mongongo fruit millions of years ago, just as humans continue to rely on them today.

The fruit of the tree is boiled to make a sweet, nutritious porridge, and the kernel of the nut, which tastes like creamy cashews when eaten raw, is roasted in a fire to make it even more delicious.

The nuts are extremely nutritious, with about 26 grams of protein per 100 grams, and are rich in magnesium and calcium. They also contain copper, zinc, iron, B-group vitamins, and an incredible 565 mg of vitamin E. It’s this vitamin E in the form of gamma-tocopherol that preserves the oil and stops it oxidising, even in the African heat.

The oil, rich in omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, has a unique composition which brings the nutritional benefits of the nut with it. Light and delicate, it has a pale yellow colour and a fresh, smooth, nutty aroma. It’s great for cooking and sensational in a healthy salad dressing.


mongongo-nutsThe mongongo tree can be found throughout southern Africa where it has been sustaining life for millennia. Even today it forms a vital part of the staple diets of people across the continent such as the San, Kung, Tonga, Lozi and Luvale.

But the mongongo is not just an ancient super food. The nut produces a precious oil, light and delicate, which is treasured for its healing and rejuvenating properties. Incredibly rich in vitamin E, the oil is easily absorbed to regenerate and restructure the skin. It’s also high in linoleic acid which is used by the body to create cellular membranes.

When applied to skin and hair, the alpha-eleostearic acid in the oil reacts with UV light to form a fine layer of protection against the harsh sun and dryness of the African bush.

You could say that mongongo oil has been field tested in the very harshest conditions, and for a very long time. Our sustainable harvesting and environmentally friendly methods will help ensure that it continues nourishing people, inside and out, for generations to come.